The Thrive Programme

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What is the Thrive Programme?

Thrive programme (formerly known as Changing Limiting Beliefs) is a marvellous course designed for those people who are wanting to learn to manage their thinking and change their limiting beliefs. A limiting belief is any belief or thought you have about yourself that is preventing you from living a happy and fulfilled life. These beliefs can be extremely damaging causing you to have low self confidence, ill health, fears and phobias or relationship problems to mention just a few. An example could be that you had a limiting belief that you weren't worthy of a great relationship so you would unconsciously push any potential partner away. These distorted and unhelpful beliefs can create a lot of unhappiness. Many people also suffer with out of control thinking and this can lead to anxieties, panic attacks, fears and phobias. 

Nearly all of us have some limiting beliefs which are holding us back. Here are a few examples:

  •  I'll be judged if I try public speaking
  •  I can't ever stick to a diet
  •  I'm a failure and always will be
  •  I'm not clever enough to pass my exam
  •  I know I'm going to fail my driving test
  •  I can't go to that party because I'm too nervous to mingle

Most people don't really believe they can get better. Certainly if you've read the various forums set up for social anxiety, emetophobia, vaginismus, depression, panic attacks etc you would have every reason to beieve that medication is the only thing that may work. This just isn't true. By learning about how the mind really works at a really deep level, how your personality shapes who you have become and how to manage your thinking styles you can turn your life around. There is no need to re-hash all those old and often distressing childhood memories before you can move on. I've always referred to my negative inner voice as the ugly little devil on my shoulder. Mine is now very quiet indeed and if you'd like to find out how to shut yours up then give me a call!

Is Thrive the same as CBT?

In a word... no!

CBT merely gives you various tools and techniques to deal with your issue without the in-depth understanding of why you're doing these things. Generally most people tire of the constant monitoring required of them because of this lack of understanding. Spending months (often years) with a talking therapist usually only gives you insight but the problem is still there. Given the techniques and resources to change your thinking allows you to completely let go of your emotional problems leading to high self-esteem and feeling comfortable in formerly challenging situations.

This psychological training programme is completely research based so during your time with me I show you the evidence allowing you to challenge those limiting beliefs.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is suitable for anyone. It works with teenagers and adults (even pensioners have gone through!). 

If you have any issue that is holding you back (it could be stress, anxiety, phobias, low self-confidence, depression or weight issues for example) then the Thrive programme can help you. Thrive teaches you how to deal with your problems in a calm and confident way. Because this technique allows you to take control of your emotions your response to situations will then be totally different. You will feel in control of what would have previously been a daunting situation because the limiting negative thoughts and beliefs have been reframed to positive ones.

What happens in the sessions?

It can take up to 6 sessions to complete the training course although for many it will be less - it depends on the severity of your symptoms. This is not therapy - this multi-faceted mind training approach helps you to completely change your limiting beliefs so you can take back control of your life. It is an entirely different approach to that of CBT, NLP and other self help techniques as this course teaches you about your personality type, thus giving you incredible insight into how your mind works.

There is no hypnosis in these sessions. 

You will learn...

  • how your belief systems are formed
  • why your external locus of control can be such a problem
  • about your personality type
  • about the various thinking styles and how they can keep you stuck
  • about distorted thinking
  • about how your thinking can affect your immune system

... and other incredible information that, if applied, is life changing.

What symptoms can be helped with Thrive?

  • Social anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Fears and phobias
  • OCD
  • Performance anxiety
  • Vaginismus
  • Emetophobia
  • Bulimia and anorexia
  • Relationship problems
  • Weight issues
  • Lack of confidence / low self esteem issues
  • Stress
  • Excess alcohol consumption
  • Self harming

... or any other symptoms that are caused by limiting beliefs.

My initial reason for booking in to to see Liz was to work through my fear / anxiety of visiting the doctor and having my blood pressure taken, commonly referred to as ‘white coat syndrome’. During our first session, Liz introduced me to a program called Thrive.
At the start, I was concerned the program wouldn’t resolve my fear, however, as Liz and I worked through the sessions it felt like a huge weight had been lifted - it has had an amazing effect on me. Not only have I conquered my blood pressure fear, I have learnt so much about myself and how to manage my thoughts.
If you want to overcome any sort of fear or anxiety, I would highly recommend you make a time to meet with Liz!! She is warm, empathic and most of all non-judgemental. Liz – I can’t thank you enough. JO Melbourne

There is a massive amount of research backing the principles on which the Thrive Programme is based. If this is of any interest to you please click here for further information.

Here is a collection of videos featuring various people who have successfully been through the Thrive Programme:

When I first went to see Liz I wanted to stop smoking. I was so obsessed with stopping I could not see why it wasn't just a quick fix. Liz knew exactly what I was going thru. After the first visit she made me realise there were other issues preventing me from achieving my goalFor the next 6 weeks Liz took me step by step thru an amazing process each time drawing out of me things I had no idea were there. Now, I am not only a non-smoker but a confident, self-assured, happy person, I even like myself now. Liz has given me the tools to deal with any situation. Life is great. Thanks Liz.
Thrive was a truly amazing and life changing experience for me. It is honestly one of the best things I have done and I highly recommend it to everybody.
I was completely 'lost' and really felt as though I was powerless to all going on within my life. I had given up on ever really 'getting better' and was just dragging myself through each day feeling, pain, hurt, resentment and bitter towards events that I believed I had no control of and the situations life had 'thrown' at me. Now I look back and cannot fathom how I ever thought or believed in some of the things that I did!!!
Thrive has helped me to realise that I could get off this roller coaster and take back control of my life and now I not only look ahead with no fear but with excitement.
Liz is an incredible help and support. She is easy to talk to and has an amazing understanding and empathetic approach. She is peaceful and calming and gently helped to guide me where I now am.
TS - Country Victoria
I initally met with Liz looking for assistance with emotional eating. After discussing the situation with Liz she prompted me to think about what was the root cause and this lead us to discuss undertaking the Thrive program. I can only say that "Thrive" is incredible and a life changing approach and has cemented a new mindset which lead to a very easy way to overcome years worth of emotional eating.
Anyone out there who is looking to take control of their life, improve their self esteem, overcome any social phobia and really embed change in their life this is the ultimate program. Don't hold off because of worry that you don't have time (I did the 5 week program with Liz whilst my daughter was only 10 weeks old) or don't think you can call or whatever the reason may be, Thrive will change your life forever.
Thanks again Liz for your caring nature and straight talking approach to getting the most out of life!
Jackie M - Melbourne

You can go through Thrive training from anywhere in the world on Skype. This is ideal for those people who may find that due to distance it's difficult to make the journey to my clinic in Burwood East. You may also be experiencing agoraphobia or panic attacks so being able to work through the programme from the comfort of your home is a real bonus! All you need is a computer, an internet connection, a Skype account (free), a webcam (many laptops already have them installed) and a nice quiet space. My Skype address is liz.hogon.hypnotherapy  Call me on 0409 254 500 or email me in the first instance so we can discuss your requirements.

Skype can downloaded from here.

If you would like to be free of your limiting beliefs so you start Thriving in your life then please call me on 0409 254 500 and we can arrange for you to either come in for a free no obligation consultation or chat on Skype. You can also email me if you prefer.

The Thrive Programme