Symptoms of panic attacks

Heart racing? Sweaty? Short of breath? Shaking? Tingling sensation in some parts of your body? Tightness in your chest? Been to Accident & Emergency, waited for at least 4 hours only to be told by them that there's nothing wrong? You've had a panic attack. And it can be very scary.

What is a panic attack?

You have no idea why these panic attacks (anxiety attacks) are occurring and this can lead you to blaming the location eg the plane, train, cinema, lift or wherever else you may be. If, for example, you have an attack when travelling on a plane you will blame it on the plane and a fear of flying develops - you then try to avoid all air travel.

The reality is these anxious feelings are just a manifestation of emotions that are already inside of you. My treatment for panic attacks can help you to eliminate panic attacks completely and permanently so you can live the life you are meant to be living!


Anxiety can be caused or triggered by various situations. Anxiety alerts us when we are in dangerous situations and this allows us to keep ourselves safe. It is perfectly natural to feel this way when confronted with danger. It can manifest as a huge release of adrenaline but as long as the threat is real this will subside after the danger has passed. Sure beats being eaten by a lion! 

Anxiety symptoms

It is not natural, however, if you are suffering anxiety or panic for no obvious reason and this can lead to what is known as a panic attack (see above). You feel absolutely terrified and often experience the same symptoms such as tightness of the chest, rapid and difficult breathing, shaking, sweating, rapid heartbeat and a tingling sensation in some or all parts of the body. Other anxiety symptoms can also be experienced. Having gone through a few panic attacks (or anxiety attacks) you often then start to feel a 'fear of the fear' and this alone can bring on an anxiety or panic attack.

Generalised anxiety disorder

People diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder report feeling in an almost constant state of anxiety. Their symptoms are many and varied - they are often cranky, shaky, sweaty, experiencing heart palpitations, have trouble sleeping and find it almost impossible to relax. 

Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) sufferers almost always have social anxiety (worrying about being judged by others), self esteem issues and feel unable to cope with most situations. Underpinning all of this are powerless and unhelpful belief systems - once these are changed the anxiety drops away. 

Social phobia

Social phobia or social anxiety are very common problems. They manifest in feeling very anxious about meeting people, attending parties or perhaps even speaking up at a work meeting. Click here for further information about this problem.

Shy bladder

Shy bladder is the inability to pee in front of anyone else. Click here for further information about this disorder.

Can anxiety and panic attacks be successfully treated?

Yes! Anxiety and panic attacks respond really well to treatment. Other therapies can tend more to try and get you to face your fears which usually only helps for a little while, if at all. And sometimes it's just too scary. So scary is not an option when working with me.

Call me now on 0409 254 500.and arrange a free consultation. Many issues can now be dealt with via Skype sessions if you are unable to come in. We can discuss your needs allowing you to make an informed decision. 

Panic Attacks