What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

Almost everyone has anxious thoughts at times and to varying degrees. Sometimes these thoughts can be helpful; if you think you may have left the iron turned on it's wise to check as this will keep you safe.  

People with OCD, however, feel compelled to check repeatedly and these checkings can eventually take over their lives. Some people also have certain rituals they have to carry out before they can go to bed and it's not unusual for these to take up a lot of time. Others will perhaps only have the stereo volume on an even number... if they touch something with their right hand then they must also touch that item with their left as well... hoarding certain items... repeated handwashing... and the list goes on.

OCD can lead to intense feelings of shame and also a lot of fear. 

For further information on the programme I use for the treatment of OCD, Pure O, self-harming and other OCD related issues please click here.

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