So you're scared of flying?

Flying is 29 times safer than driving in a car. The FAA says that you would need to fly on average once a day for over 20,000 years to statistically be involved in a commercial air crash.

None of these statistics make you feel any better, do they?

I could rattle off information about the safety of flying until your eyes glazed over and you still wouldn't want to get into that plane. That's because your fear of flying phobia isn't logical. So all those facts and figures don't make a blind bit of difference. The anxiety and panic will still surface whenever you think about getting into a plane.

Even if you are courageous enough to get on a flight it only takes a little turbulence and you're into a heightened state of panic.

The truth is your fear of flying has nothing to do with the safety of the plane... but everything to do with the fact that you have absolutely no control. You're locked into a metal container that is full of people, it's stuffy, cramped and often noisy and you have no way of escaping. At least in a car you can open a window or pull over to the side of the road and get out... in the plane you feel totally trapped.

So... how do I overcome a fear of flying?

Preferably not with one of those downloadable MP3 recordings available online. They will possibly help you feel better (and more relaxed) in the short term but they are only dealing with the symptoms. The core issue remains unresolved.

Fear of flying treatment with me is incredibly effective. Your phobia of flying can be treated so what are you waiting for? If you also have other anxieties then I can offer you a programme that will be what you're looking for.

Phone me now - it's easy to overcome this problem. Come in for a chat (it's a free consultation) to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have. There is no obligation on either your part or mine! Call me on 0409 254 500 to book an appointment.