How can exam nerves be treated?

Many people suffer enormously with exam stress.

Often clients come to me and report that they have studied hard, they have the knowledge and know what's required of them... and yet the thought of sitting in that exam room absolutely terrifies them.

They can feel very anxious, have a rising sense of panic, perhaps a feeling of nausea along with shaking, sweating, heart palpitations and even sometimes experiencing breathlessness. And just because that's not enough their minds can go completely blank.

Does this sound like you?

The good news is you can be helped!

The treatment I offer can assist you in overcoming your performance anxiety allowing you to feel relaxed, calm and in control.

Just imagine how fantastic it would feel to sit in the exam room feeling quietly confident, focused, with your mind clear as you easily access all the knowledge you have on your chosen subject.

The treatment I offer teaches you how to manage your thinking (and it's not CBT!). 

Phone me now if you'd like some help with your exam anxiety.

I offer a free consultation for you to meet me and decide if I am the right person to help you and also to answer any questions you may have. There is no obligation on either your part or mine! Call me on 0409 254 500 to book an appointment.