So... what is low self esteem / lack of confidence?

There are many more people out there suffering with confidence issues than we realise. People are very clever at hiding their deep insecurities and often even their closest friends are unaware of the anxieties going on within them. Does this sound familiar? Is low self esteem or low confidence an on-going problem? Messing with your relationships? Holding you back in your career? If so then I can help you to rebuild your self image and gain confidence. You don't have to stay home and hide behind the curtains wishing your life away any longer!

People who have low self esteem symptoms often find it more difficult (sometimes impossible) to feel comfortable socialising - when in company the negative self-talk kicks in and they feel anxious, not good enough, self-conscious and awkward. Do you need quite a few drinks before you can relax at all? Or maybe that party invitation makes you feel all anxious - how many excuses have you used in the past just to get out of going?

Do you find any of these a problem?

  •  Job interviews
  •  Feeling judged by others
  •  Feeling self conscious
  •  Difficulties having conversations
  •  Difficulties interacting with the opposite sex
  •  Lack of confidence in relationships
  •  Feeling not good enough
  •  Afraid to go to parties or gatherings
  •  Unable to voice your opinion
  •  Fear of driving
  •  Poor self image
  •  Fear of public speaking

Self Esteem

What can I do to overcome my lack of confidence?

If you have been suffering with any of these issues and want to start gaining self confidence then you may want to consider resolving the issues that are causing your low self esteem. This would enable you to completely release those negative beliefs and thought patterns so you can start making positive healthy changes in your life. I offer a programme that allows you to increase your self esteem and get rid of those limiting beliefs that are holding you back leaving you feeling powerful and in control. Don't you deserve that?

Hypnotherapy for treating confidence issues

Should you be intending to give a presentation or perhaps a speech at a wedding in the near future then a session of suggestion therapy will help you to increase your confidence in the short term.

When you are in hypnosis, a wonderfully relaxed state, the subconscious is more open to suggestions. I prepare the words I use very carefully ensuring that you obtain the very best results.

Suggestion therapy is, however, often only a temporary solution to the problem as it does not deal with the core issue that has created the issue in the first place. Most clients are really impressed with how effective suggestion therapy is and come back to me at a later time for further treatment. This usually means that their confidence issues are permanently resolved.

Every client is different and I always assess the best therapy for any given situation.

So call me now - it's time to get control back in your life. Come in for a chat (it's a free consultation) to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have. There is no obligation on either your part or mine! Call me on 0409 254 500 to book an appointment.

Self Esteem