The one parenting tactic to avoid at all costs

Shame, it seems, has become the parenting strategy of choice when all else fails.

Take the recent case of 13-year-old Izabel Laxamana who committed suicide after her father cut off her hair because she disobeyed him by using social media.

'Was it worth it?' her father reportedly asks while videoing her abasement.

'No', Izabel replies.

'How many times did I warn you?' he asks.

'A lot.' Read more >

Our gigantic problem with portions - why are we all eating too much?

We are consuming ever bigger portions on ever larger dinner plates. Food manufacturers keep pushing us to eat more.

Can we learn to control our helpings? In this interesting article from the Guardian Jay Rayner, Gizzi Erskine and Tamal Ray share their struggles with cutting down Read more>

9 Phrases smart people never use in conversation

We’ve all said things that people interpreted much differently than we thought they would. These seemingly benign comments lead to the awful feeling that only comes when you’ve planted your foot firmly into your mouth.

Verbal slip-ups often occur because we say things without knowledge of the subtle implications they carry. Understanding these implications requires social awareness—the ability to pick up on the emotions and experiences of other people.

Talent Smart has tested the emotional intelligence (EQ) of more than a million people and discovered that social awareness is a skill in which many of us are lacking.

We lack social awareness because we’re so focused on what we’re going to say next—and how what other people are saying affects us—that we completely lose sight of other people.  Read more>

Drugs don't cause addiction

Most people think that the reason why people become addicted to drugs is solely because of the drugs themselves. This, however, is far from the truth, as shown repeatedly by scientific studies on drug addiction.

See this brilliant short animated video that will explain to you why drugs don’t actually cause addiction, changing your view on drugs forever. Read more>

Is it possible to be your own best friend?

"I'm just so angry," said my friend Sarah after she started writing a daily journal. I had to agree there's a lot to be angry about: refugees, the state of geo-politics, the treatment of women, Donald Trump.

But Sarah's anger is different. "I'm furious at myself for all my failings, all the mistakes I've made, and the opportunities I've missed," she said.

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